Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Somali Government Planed Its Duty On 2018

Somali Government Planed Its Duty On 2018

Minister of Information of the Federal Government, H.E. Abdiraham Omar Osman(Eng.Yarisow) told Somali National News Agency that the Government plans to make good development in the new year,2018.

The minister said that Government will set priority agendas including Politian parties, Election for Regional Governments, Re-viewing constitution and election for one person, one vote to be held on 2021.

Eng. Yarisow said, ” Somalia is moving, every person should take part the development progress in order to attain a situation where society elects their leaders”.

” The Government made progress in the financial system, reviewing the constitution, collaborating with federal member states and Benadir region, developing the media, accountability, approving 15 laws, regaining airspace control, community integration and sports development in the past nine months in 2017″, Mr. Osman added.

Mogadishu- Somalia

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